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Please take a moment to remember this months victims of distracted driving as their families continue to honor their memories and fight to stop the epidemic of distracted driving.  The faces listed below will not be with the ones they love this month on their birthday or Angel dates because of distracted driving.  When you are behind the wheel think of them and choose to avoid all distractions and focus on driving.

No call, text, or post is worth a life!!

Featured Organization Making an Impact:
DuPont Sustainable Solutions


Fatal Distractions: Keep Your Eyes On The Road
12 Part Video Series featuring Families of Distracted Driving Tragedies

Product Description:

According to the National Safety Council, at least 23 percent or 1.3 million of all traffic crashes per year involve cell phone use. But these aren't just statistics. Behind the numbers are stories of lives lost and loved ones left behind.

Fatal Distractions: Keep Your Eyes On The Road features 12 separate interviews of people who lost their loved ones to distracted driving. Their personal, tragic stories help viewers take to heart the potential hurt that irresponsible driving can cause. By stressing the possible impact of distracted driving, the stories heighten the need to stay alert behind the wheel.

Each segment makes a powerful meeting opener and brings to life the harsh reality of a wrong split-second decision. Once on the website, click on preview online for a drop down menu to preview each of the 12 segments. 

Distraction Advocate Network had the honor of referring the families for participation in the series of twelve sobering interviews. The interviewees:

  • Speak openly of how their loved ones met their tragic deaths
  • Reflect on what could and should have been done to prevent the accident
  • Describe their struggles to cope with the tragedy
  • Encourage others to avoid the same mistakes
  • Urge other drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

To preview or order the series from DuPont please visit their site here:

March & April Victims

Chris Cooper, TX
3/8/75 - 12/29/09

Heather Hurd, FL
3/10/81 - 1/03/08

Chelsey Murphy, FL
 10/28/90 - 3/14/10

John "JB" Breen, IL
1/23/86 - 3/15/09

Owen Brezitski, PA
1/10/03 - 3/17/11

Lauren Mulkey, UT
6/20/89 - 3/18/07

Ryan Duffner, FL
1/08/97 - 3/19/99

AJ Larson, NY
3/20/87 - 12/3/07

Rachel Woodruff, OH
4/10/91 - 3/22/11

Chance Wilcox, TX
7/19/82 - 3/24/08

Amber Schmitt, KS
3/28/92 - 8/30/09

Sarah Haylett-Jones, IN
4/1/81 - 10/19/08

Megan Small, TX
4/11/85 - 11/25/07

Reva Gravil, KS
12/14/89 - 4/13/08

Amberly Bossom, TX
5/31/90 - 4/14/11

Julie Davis, WI
6/30/50 - 4/15/09

Heather Dawn Bouchard, ME
5/24/83 - 4/15/08

John Adamo, TX
4/16/57 - 11/4/09

Kassy Kerfoot, ID
4/24/91 - 12/29/09

Travis Masters, TX
12/6/88 - 4/25/08

Lacey Gallagher, PA
11/4/88 - 4/28/07


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